Why Numens?

Numen’s aim is to help you fully benefit from applying Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your business.

We are your expert support to solve common questions such as:

  • How do we start?
  • What technologies should we invest in?
  • Can we start small and have some quick wins?
  • Should we invest in hiring data scientists, or contract a consulting company?

Our mission

At Numens, the Advanced Analytics Academy, we support organisations in demystifying the buzz and to quickly define the path to a beneficial and efficient use of Advanced Analytics and AI. Numens does this in two ways:

What we offer :

Our Services

Determining if there is a business case to apply Advanced Analytics and if so, what the scope of the application should be.

Determining if the organisation is ready to implement and start using Advanced Analytics and, if needed, advise on improvements and/or changes needed.

Selecting the right technology and provider for the implementation of an Advanced Analytics application.

Reviewing and/or auditing Advanced Analytics implementation projects.

Our Courses & Trainings

Non-technical introduction into the field of Advanced Analytics. Explanation of main concepts, use cases and identification of application potential.

Understanding of the technological concepts of Advanced Analytics, application potential and pitfalls and how to embed Advanced Analytics within the IT/application landscape.

Understand the power of Advanced Analytics for planning, where and when to apply advanced analytics.

The objective is to understand in what circumstances Advanced Analytics does have an added value by being guided through multiple use cases.

We also offer tailor-made courses on specific topics, which can be combined in the way that best suits your needs.

We help you with analysis studies courses

Numens is a non-for-profit entity founded in 2021 by decide soluciones and baobab soluciones, the leading independent consulting companies in Spain in the field of Advanced Analytics.


Events to learn from and network directly with leading professionals.

Latest key news to stay up to date on Advanced Analytics.

Inspiring stories of how other entities fully benefit from analytic solutions.

Cutting-edge pieces from both academia & industry to delve into the latest developments.

Our Client Stories

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Our mission is to educate organisations in how to apply Advanced Analytics and AI in a beneficial and efficient manner.