AI Can Be Applied in Any Sector to Help Decision-Making, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Is an Example

La IA se puede aplicar en cualquier sector, el Mundial de Qatar 2022 es un ejemplo

FIFA has announced that it will make use of Artificial Intelligence at the Qatar 2022 World Cup to help referees signal offside. The AI is a support that will allow referees to base their decisions on real data and thus minimise the eternal controversy that haunts them.

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To achieve this they will use a sensor on the ball that transmits its position on the pitch 500 times per second and 12 tracking cameras placed under the roof of the stadiums, which will use Machine Learning to track 29 points on players’ bodies.

The model will generate automatic real-time alerts when players commit offside offences. These alerts will be studied within seconds from the control room and communicated to referees on the field. The data generated by cameras and sensors will also be used to create animations to inform spectators as clearly as possible of the reason for the decision.

This is the next step after the introduction of VAR at the 2018 World Cup and will allow decisions to be made more accurately and quickly.

Undoubtedly, techniques based on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics are great support for decision-making in any field or sector. In the same way that it can help referees to decide on the offside, it can help for example production companies to decide how much of each product to manufacture, where to locate their facilities, how to manage their fleet, when to order more raw materials, etc.

The possibilities of the marriage between data availability and AI are endless.

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