Tailor made courses

We also offer tailor-made courses on specific topics, which can be combined in the way that best suits your needs.

Course details


Regardless of the name we use for the courses, the following are some topics that might be useful for these courses. What follows is not a list of courses themselves, but topics that could be combined in different ways to come up with courses. We are aware that what follows is not a well-organised set of topics (at least from a typical academic perspective), but we prefer to make sure if we are aligned here, so that we can be more specific in the next step.

  • Digital twin. Applications.
  • Warehouse management. To illustrate what we mention above, we can have a digital twin course with a section devoted to warehouse management applications and we can have a warehouse management course that can have a part of it devoted to covering how and when to use digital twins.
  • Inventory management. Predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Managing the shop floor with optimization. There are quite a few topics we can cover here:
    • Production planning.
    • Scheduling.
    • System design such as number of Kanban in a JIT environment, line balancing…
  • Supply Chain Network design, planning and operation by means of advanced analytics.
  • Multiobjetive and multicriteria analysis.

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