Do We Have a Solid Foundation for Attracting Talent in Artificial Intelligence?

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The groundwork for any technological ecosystem to grow and remain solid is at the foundation, which is always the quality of the professionals who carry out its work. Today there are many government initiatives to promote Artificial Intelligence in almost every country, and in different directions. For example, in the legal field, the European Union is promoting the need to have knowledge of algorithms in order to be able to guarantee a certain level of rights or protection for citizens.

But, considering that the future competitiveness of companies and the country itself will depend on these technologies, are we not forgetting, or taking for granted, the educational aspect? Recruiting the best talent, which is key to providing local Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects with added quality, requires us to boost their academic and professional prestige. The creation of this training ecosystem will have to be done in an integrated way with stakeholders who are benchmarks in implementing AI solutions. This means creating connections with industry and taking steps from the administration to build sufficient confidence to work locally on problems that can be solved with Artificial Intelligence.

This article offers some reflections on the U.S. What do you think, what should we do in Spain?

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Guillermo Valle, Data Scientist at baobab soluciones

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