At Numens, the Advanced Analytics Academy, we support organisations in demystifying the buzz and to quickly define the path to a beneficial and efficient use of Advanced Analytics and AI.

The Value of Our Services

In addition to empowering organizations, Numens wants to help you with your analytics initiatives.

If you are on the threshold of launching data-driven projects, we can identify the best application scenarios, select with you the most appropriate technologies, or anticipate organizational issues that may pose risks to avoid. If you have already started a journey with these technologies, our experts can audit the steps that have already been taken and improve their results.

Our support has the incalculable value of getting it right in complex challenges that are key to the future of your business.

Accouting Firm of The Year

3 Times winner | 2012 2013 2016


Determining if there is a business case to apply Advanced Analytics and if so, what the scope of the application should be.

Determining if the organisation is ready to implement and start using Advanced Analytics and, if needed, advise on improvements and/or changes needed.

Selecting the right technology and provider for the implementation of an Advanced Analytics application.

Reviewing and/or auditing Advanced Analytics implementation projects.

Our mission is to educate organisations in how to apply Advanced Analytics and AI in a beneficial and efficient manner.

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