Why Is It Important to Train Business Users in Advanced Data Analytics?

Why is it important to train business users in advanced data analytics?

In this article we tell you why it is important for companies to train business users in advanced data analysis.

Over the last few years, terms such as “Artificial Intelligence” or “Chatbots” have been the focus of attention in the business world and have generated a real technological buzz. Organisations all over the world wanted to ride the wave of this new trend without fully understanding what it was all about, and invested in AI-based projects without the expected results.

That is why democratising not only access to these types of techniques and technologies but also the knowledge of them, is a point of vital importance, especially in the interconnected world in which we find ourselves. At Numens, we want to help organisations demystify this technology fever and quickly define the path toward a beneficial and efficient use of Advanced Analytics and AI.

The state of the art of advanced data analysis

Advanced data analytics is one of the top priorities for businesses today. This is because this type of analysis allows companies to derive insight and value from their data to continuously improve their processes and customer service.

Although it is only now that companies are beginning to implement this technology and derive great benefits from it, it has been around for more than 70 years. The difference from that time is that today we have the computing power and the amount of data needed to deliver relevant results and real competitive advantage.

Today, leading companies in all business sectors (insurance, banking and finance, supply chain, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, services, etc.) are already applying these techniques to optimise the use of their material and human resources, improve their operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction around the world.

Aligning technological innovation with business

Technical users in data science or Data Scientists are not business analysts. These profiles are professionals with the ability to create mathematical models from data that allow them to obtain business benefits. But to do so, they need to relate well with the different business units.

In the same way, business area users need to have basic knowledge of Data Science to understand the different types of analytical techniques, what can be obtained with them, when to use them, what each one requires, etc.

Only by bringing together both branches, the technical and the business side, can the successful application of this type of technology be ensured. That is why Numen’s offers a non-technical introduction to the field of Advanced Analytics for business users. We explain the main concepts, use cases in your sector, and identify the potential of applying this type of technology to your company’s operations.

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