Why Mathematical Optimization Requires Optimization Specialists

Por qué la optimización matemática requiere especialistas en optimización

Mathematical optimization is the discipline that transforms complex business problems into mathematical models to find the best solution, considering the problem’s constraints and limitations. In this way we can describe a process to be studied and understand the impact of different decisions, quantifying the results of each decision and selecting those that meet the objectives set.

There are currently an infinite number of mathematical modelling techniques and optimization algorithms, and one type of technique or another is used depending on the nature and complexity of the problem to be solved.

The complexity of business problems

Our business reality is increasingly complex. We increasingly have to plan more resources, control more processes, manage more assets… In addition, managers have to make decisions that directly affect the company’s results, so they need tools that help them perform these tasks without going crazy.

For example, when it comes to planning teams or fleets, they ask themselves questions such as: How do I plan my employees’ schedules in a way that meets demand while minimising the costs of over- or under-sizing equipment? What route should each vehicle in my fleet take to ensure on-time deliveries, minimising the number of resources used and the length of routes?

At first glance, these may seem like easy questions to answer, but the reality is that these problems are very complex and there are millions of possibilities to solve each of them. But what is the optimal solution?

In addition to the intrinsic complexity of this type of problem, each company is different. Therefore, each solution must be different and adapted to the specific characteristics and needs at each moment, which is even more complex.

The power of mathematics in expert hands

Would you leave the resolution of these complex business problems that directly affect your bottom line on either hand? In the same way that to solve a legal problem you go to a lawyer or to cure certain conditions, you go to a doctor, to solve this type of problem you must rely on mathematical optimization specialists.

When carrying out a technological innovation initiative or project, it is easy to fall into the typical errors of problem formulation, alignment with objectives, development, deployment and upgrades of the project, management and leadership, etc.

Not relying on optimization specialists will mean that you will not achieve the expected results, something that we often see in this type of technological initiative.

If you need tools or solutions to specific problems and you want to achieve reliable results and business value in the short to medium term, you need to rely on optimization specialists.

This expertise can also be useful if you don’t have the resources to build, train and maintain a data science team, or if you need to support your existing data science or technology innovation team for a specific project.

At Numens, we are experts in mathematical modelling and optimization and can help you identify the scope that this technology could have in your company.

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